Generator Services in Dallas, Texas

Commercial and Industrial Generator Installation, Repair, and Maintenance

In 2021, Texans experienced a power outage crisis that left many wary of repeated power issues in the future. As a result, many businesses and organizations have installed generators on their properties to protect themselves from power shortages and outages. At AMEX Electric, our local team is aware of the growing concerns Texans have, which is why we want to provide you security with our generator services in Dallas. 

If you have a generator that needs repair, our electricians can identify the problem and fix it fast to get your generator ready to support you when you need it. If you do not yet have a generator but are seriously considering getting one, you can trust our team to assist you in selecting the right generator for your property and get it set up so that your business or organization can keep going if times get tough. 

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Regular Maintenance and Repair Helps You Stay Covered

To ensure that your generator is there for your business or organization during an outage, it is best to have your generator routinely checked and serviced. At AMEX Electric, we suggest you create a maintenance schedule that is tailored to your generator type and the service requirements the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) outlined. 

It is best practice to perform certain smaller tasks on a weekly basis, larger check-ins from month to month, and in-depth service annually or whenever significant problems arise. 

Every week you might consider:

  • Inspecting your generator to make sure everything looks in place and to check for any fuel leaks
  • Running your generator for a half hour, especially if you are not regularly using it

On a monthly basis, you could:

  • Inspect aspects of the generator such as its exhaust, ventilation system, starter plugs, and its battery and wiring
  • Run your generator for a period that exceeds your weekly half hour
  • Thoroughly clean your generator and the areas around it

Annually, it is best to:

  • Have the generator’s oil changed
  • Perform load tests to make sure your generator can provide the power you would need in an emergency without issue
  • Have a professional complete a total inspection of your generator’s electrical system

Performing regular maintenance tasks combined with seeking our Dallas professional generator services can give you peace of mind that during an outage or shortage your property will have the power it needs. 

Call us today at (214) 247-7670 or contact us online for all your generator needs. 

How to Pick the Right Generator

Generators are as unique as the businesses that need them. Choosing a generator that is right for your facility is key for your property’s ability to maintain its operations when electricity from external suppliers is unavailable or in limited supply. 

Generally, industrial and commercial buildings need 3-phase generators, which can provide the higher power capacity that larger buildings with multiple power needs require. Beyond the generator’s phase, there are two important considerations you will need to make. 

These include:

  • Your property’s amperage requirements. Specifically, you need to determine the voltage your building needs as a whole; the maximum amperage your equipment and appliances need to operate; in industrial settings, the startup amperage that any of your motors require; and the electrical frequency your utilities use. All these considerations can require specialized knowledge and experience, which is why it is best to consult a trusted electrician. 
  • Your property’s voltage requirements. Too much voltage can be dangerous for the buildings and equipment that generators power, while too little voltage will fail to keep a building going. As a result, using the help of a technician is best when determining the voltage you will need from your generator.

There are many other complex details that feature in the above considerations. There are also several generator brands and fuels generators rely on to work, which are additional pieces of information you will need to sort through. To allow you to feel confident that you will find the right generator for your property, seek our experienced counsel. Our team can help you choose a generator and install it properly so that you get exactly what you need. 

Why AMEX Electric?

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  • Years of Experience AMEX Electric Services has been providing quality electrical service to the state of Texas since 2006. Our technicians are equipped to repair, service, and install it all!
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  • “AMEX Electrical Services has been a trusted subcontractor for over six years providing an on-time and in-budget approach in all of the projects they have collaborated with us. I appreciate them for understanding the urgency and quality our clients demand.”

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